Marydawn Taggart

Maddog 5/1 Revolutionary Fitness is the culmination of Marydawn Taggart’s life. It’s a belief in the power of positivity, living a life of physical well-being and the ability to make the right choices.  Fueled by a tenacious desire to inspire others through old-school kick-ass workouts, Marydawn Taggart aka Maddog promotes a culture that recognizes and respects individuality. Building on her nearly 30 years of experience, Marydawn works alongside her clients and invites them to look inward to discover their truths and realities. The freedom that honesty brings combined with hard work, is what goes on within the Maddog 5/1 walls.  It’s all about daring to challenge ourselves and creating/re-inventing the person that does indeed reside in you.

Marydawn believes that eventually, the light finally does go on in all of us. When you realize that the light has turned on, a phenomenal energy emerges from within.  The Maddog 5/1 experience lets you direct that new found energy to reach your next level of achievement.  “Nobody said this would be easy, you didn’t come here for easy, it’s so worth it!” is a favorite phrase used by Maddog almost daily.

Everyone that walks through the Maddog 5/1 door has different goals and reasons for being here. No one cares if you were the last to be chosen in your 6th grade gym class. What’s important is that everyone focuses on getting to where they want to be, physically and mentally. Because a sound body is a sound mind.

Ciara Ashley


Ciara (pronounced Keera) is originally from Southwest Michigan and after teaching in Little Rock, AR for three years, she and her husband came back home to raise a family.  After leaving the education profession to stay home with her two children, Ciara has found a home at Maddog 5/1 combining her two passions: teaching and having fun through fitness!  She strives to motivate others to become the best version of themselves through a healthy lifestyle, and to challenge them to become stronger athletes.

Look for Ciara at Maddog 5/1 teaching RealRyder, Barre, and Team 5/1 classes. When not at Maddog her hobbies are camping, hiking, traveling, and cooking with her husband and two children.

Brittni Beck


Born and raised in a small town near Toledo, Ohio, Brittni has been a Saint Joe resident since 2012.

Residing in northern California, Brittni fell in love with yoga in 2010 while living next to a yoga studio! “I was marathon training and thought yoga would be great for my ‘cross training and stretch’ days,” say Brittni. “It has since helped me find balance both mentally and physically in my everyday life. Whether I’m practicing for mental clarity, physical fitness, flexibility, or all of the above, each and everyday yoga provides me with exactly what I need.”

Brittni began yoga teacher training as a way to further develop her personal practice, but quickly realized she wanted to share the journey with others. She views her practice as a way to build a community where we can help each other grow, while keeping things light and fun!

In her free time Brittni loves international travel, her puppy Reggie and adventuring with friends and family.

Kari Bell

As a lifelong resident of St. Joe, Kari loves lake front activities, and recently took her passion to the water learning SUP.

Crazy busy as a wife and mother of three active kids, Kari is also the varsity coach of the Lakeshore Poms Team.

Taking on the challenge of becoming a Maddog trainer came as a natural step.  A client since 2015, Kari quickly found the energy and passion in the Maddog trainers who inspired her to work harder, and she wanted more!

Love, passion, and inspiration are the cornerstones that frame every workout Kari delivers.  That . . .  and fun stories about a crazy life well lived!

Sarah Gendernalik

Sarah hails from Rockford, Illinois where she was member of Rockford Dance Company.   She landed in St. Joe with her hubby and two beautiful baby girls in 2015.

Sarah and her husband Jimmy met in medical school and then joined the Navy, where they served as Flight Surgeons for 5 years.  

Joining Maddog 5/1 as a client gave Sarah the outlet she craved- tough workouts reminiscent of both her intense ballet training and bootcamp experience.  She found the grit and upbeat attitude at Maddog 5/1 to be exciting and engaging. After some gentle nudging by Maddog, Sarah joined the esteemed Team of Trainers at Maddog 5/1.

This bad ass ballerina is ready to bring grace and grit to your workout routine!

Meaghan Foster

Meg has always called Southwest Michigan home – a graduate of Grand Valley State University, she joined Maddog 5/1 in 2015 as a client and started by taking yoga classes.

For me, “it was about finding a place to get healthy without being judged,” says Meaghan. “I instantly fell in love with the comradery and support I found in the classes at Maddog.  The most important thing I’ve learned  about fitness is that it’s a journey and you have to take a moment to celebrate the little things along the way . . . above all else, be able to laugh at yourself!”

When she isn’t at Maddog, you can find Meaghan tapping away at her calculator at her job as an accountant. In her free time Meaghan likes to read, binge watch TV, hang out with her siblings, and play with her dogs.

Kristi Goulette

As a Yooper, from Laurium, Michigan (above the mitten, also known as the Upper Peninsula), Kristi has been living in the community for the past 17 years. A middle-school Language Arts teacher by day, Kristi’s connection to Maddog spans 10 years.

According to Kristi, being physically active has always been a part of her life, and improves both her mental and emotional state. Who doesn’t feel better after they work out? Kristi teaches Team 5/1, RealRyder and TRX.

“I believe that we all need to be pushed outside of our comfort zones to know what we are capable of achieving.” says Kristi. “Each time you make it over a fitness hurdle; you’re ready to tackle the next challenge. Your body continues to get stronger.”

Kristi likes that Maddog is unlike any other fitness studio. A lot of days, clients come early or stay after class so they can share their day and catch up on other’s lives. The classes are for every fitness level and each instructor challenges clients in fun and positive ways.

When not at Maddog, Kristi is usually outdoors enjoying every season with her dog, Olive.

Missy Holden

Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Missy loves her new home in SW Michigan!

A workout fanatic, Missy enjoys everything from running to high-impact aerobics.  Becoming an instructor was a natural progression for her.  She teaches Team 5/1, RealRyder, TRX and Kettlebell classes.

“You can do more than you think,’ explains Missy. “At Maddog both the instructors and the people that workout are unique. It really is a community where everyone wants the best for each other and works very hard to make that happen.”

Outside of Maddog, Missy is busy with her family, showing off the community as a tour guide with the First Choice program or drinking a good chardonnay.

Amy Peterson

Working out has been part of Amy Peterson’s life for as long as she can remember. She always thought she wanted to be a fitness instructor, dating back to the aerobics classes she took.

Growing up in St. Joseph, MI, Amy went off to college and began her future. Fast forward to 2002, when she and her husband made the decision to settle in the area and raise their family.

Amy joined Maddog 5/1 Revolutionary Fitness. After a year of being a client, Marydawn asked Amy if she wanted to be part of her team. The rest, they say is history. Amy teaches Team 5/1, Team Circuit, Yoga Ripped and RealRyder.

“Maddog has the best workouts around. When you come to our studio, you know you’re part of a team. People know your name and care that you are there,” explains Amy.

Amy is of the belief that working out can be and should be FUN. It’s all about choosing the form of exercise that is enjoyable, yet challenging. Once you find the workouts that you can do and find yourself looking forward to doing, it becomes a way of life and something you crave!

When not planning her next workout, Amy is busy doing all of the things that come with being a mother of an 8 and 10 year-old!

Melissa Powell

Just ask Melissa her favorite thing about her career as a registered dietitian and she will tell you “the food!”  Food is a necessity, and often, a source of great pleasure, but it has also become one of the least understood components of our everyday lives.  Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a chore, especially if you learn the value of eating the right foods, in the right amounts and in balance with a healthy lifestyle.  In nearly 10 years as a registered dietitian, Melissa has helped clients to shed pounds, manage digestive problems, combat nutrition issues related to aging, and navigate what “healthy eating” means for specific individuals, at specific times of their lives.  Melissa understands the importance of a balanced diet, but more importantly, how to include those foods you most enjoy as part of a balanced diet.  You can be sure to find her enjoying a hot cup of coffee, baking brownies and searching new recipes on Pinterest to entice some of her most challenging clients, her family!

Melissa delights in adventures with her children, running, helping others find balance and fun in healthier eating, and microbrews.

Whether your goal is to manage your weight, improve a chronic health condition or to learn about the food you need to fuel your workouts, Melissa can help. Schedule some time with her to develop a healthy eating plan that suits your individual needs and lifestyle.

Mimi Stockton

Mimi “Crazy” Stockton is originally from Chicago, Illinois. Her husband’s job landed them to Southwest Michigan. The proximity to her family and being on the lake was a big influence in their decision.

Mimi, an endorphin junkie also participates in the Xterra triathlon races, a series of off-road races including swimming, mountain biking and trail running. And, has won one national championship and is currently training for another, thus her nickname, “Crazy!”

Mimi teaches Intervals and RealRyder. Mimi believes that becoming fit is possible for anybody as long as they have perseverance. Her favorite motto is that of lululemon, “A daily hit of athletic-induced endorphins gives you the power to make better decisions, helps you be at peace with yourself and offsets stress.”

When not training or teaching, Mimi is chasing after her three kids.

The urban-loft space of Maddog and the passionate and energetic instructors are what Mimi likes about the studio. “The overall enthusiastic vibe one finds when they walk in the door, and perhaps the most important,” says Mimi, “is the fact that one will leave Maddog soaking wet with sweat, yet ecstatic that they just got their butt whipped.”