Janet Kleinhample

Martha Emlong

Martha is proud to say that she is home grown: born and raised in the area!

She started running in her 20’s for fitness and as a stress reliever.  Competing in local 10K races, Martha discovered the joy of competition and camaraderie, eventually running in four Chicago Marathons.  As she got older, Martha added weight bearing classes to her workouts.

When not working out, you will find Martha walking her dog, enjoying family and friends, going into Chicago, and taking long walks on the beach filling her pockets with beach glass.

Maddog 5/1 is unique in several ways, says Martha.  First of all, our clients are all ages and ability levels.  Second of all, the classes, instructors, equipment, and music are cutting edge.  Lastly, Maddog and all the instructors take a personal interest in their clients; they care about their progress and well-being.  Many of us who work at Maddog 5/1 have made new lifelong friends.  We are a team; we are family!

Amy Jacobshagen

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Amy was born and raised in Chicago near Wrigleyville.  She has been coming to the area for the past 10 years and a year ago made SW Michigan her permanent home.  She joined Maddog through the Square 1 program and was immediately hooked.  She’s had a passion for healthy cooking her entire life (thanks to her mom) and has finally found the right “fit” with Maddog Studio for the physical aspect.  “When you challenge your body you can’t help but cleanse your mind and being strong in both is an amazing feeling that everyone deserves and important for an overall healthy lifestyle.”

In her spare time her mini-Aussie, Hazel keeps her on the go. With her background of being an Executive Assistant for the past 18 years her friends often ask her for help in organizing any special occasions, parties and even weddings which she loves to do.